Development of iron deficiency

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  • Green/yellow chlorosis, from inside to the outside in the younger leaves and in the growth shoots. The veins remain mostly green.
  • Continued yellowing of the leaves to sometimes almost white. Also, large leaves turn yellow. This inhibits growth.
  • In serious cases the leaves show necrosis, and the plant’s growth and flowering are inhibited.

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Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is a plant disorder which can sometimes be confused with manganese deficiency. Iron is needed to produce chlorophyll in plants, hence its deficiency causes discolouration of leaves.


Leaves turning yellow or brown in the margins between the veins which may remain green, while young leaves may appear to be bleached.

“lack of iron in plants”的图片搜索结果
Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency


Story on EDDHA-Fe

The Fe-EDDHA story starts on December 11, 1953 in Berkeley, California, at a meeting sponsored by Geigy Chemical Corporation. It was at this meeting that Arthur Wallace of UCLA and Harry Kroll of Geigy met on a brain-storming session aimed at dreaming up the structure of a stable iron chelate.

The first attempts to make fe-EDDHA commercially and agriculturally viable were made by Dr.Ramesh Patel of Agricon Chemicals,a leading plant nutritiononist and industrialist from India.He was awarded Padma Bhushan for this service to the agricultural world.In India the development, and use of EDDHA, EDTA and other such chelate fertilizers today is largely successful due to the pioneering efforts of such private players in India.

EDDHA or ethylenediamine-N,N’-bis(2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid) is an iron-chelating chemical used in bacterial siderophore studies.


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