Spodoptera frugiperda NPV(SfNPV)

Spodoptera frugiperda NPV (SfNPV) is a highly specific naturally occurring virus of Spodoptera frugiperda that infects and kills only larvae of the Spodoptera frugiperda. without impacting the environment, human being and other organisms. Larvae ingesting the virus stop feeding within several days, and become pale and lethargic, and die as the virus replicates throughout their bodies. Virus released from dead larvae may infect other larvae feeding nearby. Because the virus must be ingested by larvae in order to initiate infection, thorough spray coverage is essential for good insect control.

The speed of activity of Giperdax is also dependent on climatic conditions. Larvae can take up to 8 days to die. Daytime temperature of 25℃ to 35℃ are ideal for the activity of Spodoptera frugiperda NPV (SfNPV). Spodoptera frugiperda NPV (SfNPV) will not control larvae that do not feed on treated areas, e.g. when larvae are feeding in protected feeding sites such as inside cotton bolls, lettuce hearts, bean pods, corn cobs and flowers, so good coverage plus actively feeding larvae are the key factors in ensuring maximum performance of Spodoptera frugiperda NPV (SfNPV).

For this reason, apply Spodoptera frugiperda NPV (SfNPV) to coincide with optimum environmental conditions for application and larval activity, such as periods of high humidity and warm(>18℃) conditions. Under sub-optimal conditions where application cannot be delayed, increasing application frequency and volume, and decreasing droplet size, and inclusion non-ionic surfactant, should be considered.

Target Pest: Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall armyworm)

Formulation: Spodoptera frugiperda NPV 1.5×10 9 PIB/ml SC