Sticky board

Targets: Aphids, Psyllids, Thrips, Green Leaf Hoppers

According to the principle of insect ecology, this product combines synthetic insect attractants with pheromone attractants to attract insects for food, and kills pests through sticky insect boards. It is particularly effective for some pests that are difficult to control, and has no side effects on people, animals and the environment, and can effectively protect the field ecological environment. This product is widely used for green prevention and control of pests in agriculture, forestry, and flower production.

Merits of sticky traps

1.Green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and essential for the production of pollution-free, green, and organic vegetables and fruits.

2. Made of environmentally friendly materials, fully biodegradable

3. Special adhesive boards with specific colors have significant trapping effects on adult insects, which can effectively reduce insect population density, reduce drug use, and increase production and income.

4. High viscosity waterproof adhesive, non flowing at high temperatures, resistant to sunlight and rain, durable and durable.

5. Double sided adhesive coating, double sided bait killing, and easy to operate, ready to use after opening, saving time and effort.

Applicable scope:
Greenhouse, Sunlight Greenhouse, Orchard, Vegetable Field, Flower Garden and Seedling House…