Sophorolipid is a biodegradable biosurfactant. Biosurfactants have high selectivity, and their surface activity is less affected by extreme temperature, pH, salinity and other conditions. Compared with other surfactants produced by chemical synthesis or petroleum refining, biosurfactants have broad application prospects in the fields of food, cosmetics, medicine and environmental protection. As one of the important members, Sophorolipid has low toxicity, good compatibility with human body and environment, good emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other characteristics, and has research and development value in food, medicine, cosmetics, metallurgy, environmental protection, waste oil recovery and other fields. It has been used in daily chemical, food industry, oil industry, etc.

Sophorolipid is a secondary metabolite of microorganisms, and also has the characteristics of surfactant. Therefore, the amphiphilic nature of sophora lipids determines its specific physiological functions, including anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antibacterial functions. The properties of surfactant and bactericidal activity of sophorase lipid make its application in detergents have great development potential. As a surfactant, sophorase lipid has emulsifying activity, which helps to separate hydrophobic substances and promote their biodegradation by microorganisms.

Content: 50%±5