Bacillus subtilis

220px-Bacillus_subtilisBacillus subtilis bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus, for rice blast has a good preventive effect. The agents can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria secrete antimicrobial substances, and to hyphae fracture, disintegration and dissolution of the cell wall of the pathogen to perforation, deformities, etc., so that pathogens lose scalability.

Usage for 100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

Crops Disease Dosage
Rice Rice Blast The amount of hectares 450-600 grams, when tillering field sporadic
acute lesions and diseased center, the timely pesticide control leaf blast;
prevention panicle blast to prevention, to various facilities in the late
booting stage and heading stage drug once. Use as a foliar spray.
Potato Late Blight The amount of hectares 400-550 grams, which is about to be foliage spray
or onset sporadic lesion in the field continuously sprayed 2-3 times at an
interval of 7-10 days of medication.
Cotton Cyanosis Soaking seed than 1:400 drug formulation 600 g / hectares, spray the stem
base and leaves in the early stages. Spraying liquid 50 ml per plant. 7 days
after spraying once.

Formulation: 100Billion spores / g