Lin Chemical is focusing on research and applications for biological products, PGRs, adjuvants, and special fertilizers, and other related agri-input products.

Biological pesticides we have large scales including Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV), Microbials, Herbals, Biochemicals …

Adjuvants from tank mix to add-into-formulation, including APGs, silicone surfactants, modified soybean oil, mineral oil, polymer dispersion agents…

Fertilizers & soil conditoner including humic series, seaweed series, γ-PGA, SAP, EDDHA-Fe and trace element nutrients…

Besides, according to customers’s demands, we have also created a sub-company to supply mutual consultant services for international business on other agrochemicals, adjuvants, agriculture equipments, cosmetics and food addtives. To decrease the loss of supply chain instability caused by the post-epidemic era and the changing international situation. We can help local products reach global markets, same time help foreign companies find products in China easier. Any interest, can email to director@china2global.com.

United, we win!
Lin Chemical 

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What γ-PGA helps in our crop planting

γ-PGA has hydrophilic group -carboxyl which can maintain soil moisture content, improve soil flushing and gap, improve sandy soil, and promoting fertilizer and water preserving capacity of soil. Some study results, When γ-PGA made resin was used to deal with seeds, which can increase the germination rate of seeds in drought and water-deficient areas. Use … Continue reading What γ-PGA helps in our crop planting

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