Lin Chemical is in global business for Agrochemicals, Veterinaries, Agri- Equipments, modified silicone oils and solar lights.

We established a strong collection network in China. We have a group of factories  here giving you best service on the products we supplying.

Besides, we are also a reliable sourcing agent for customers who looking for products from China, we help you get products from China easier.

United, we win!
Lin Chemical 

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Herbicide efficacy enhancer-Methylation Vegetable oil

Methylation Vegetable oil can improve the spreading area, adhesion and permeability of droplets on the surface of the crop, and promote the absorption and conduction in crop. Besides, the methylated vegetable oil can prevent the liquid droplets from drying too fast, thereby enhancing the absorption of droplets through pores and the stratum corneum, and enhances … Continue reading Herbicide efficacy enhancer-Methylation Vegetable oil

Tea Saponin-natural extract

Tea Saponin, a glycoside compound extracted from camellia tea seeds, is excellent natural nonionic active surfactant. It can be widely used in pesticide, cultivation, textile, daily chemicals, arthitectural field, medical field and so on. Tea saponin is triterpenoid saponin, it tastes bitter and spicy. It stimulates mucous membrane of nose to lead to sneeze. The … Continue reading Tea Saponin-natural extract

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