Spodoptera exigua (SeNPV)

Spodoptera exigua nucleopolyhedrovirus(NPV) is a naturally existing microorganism which specifically infects and kills Spodoptera exigua(Beet armyworm), no hazadous to humans and animals but only kills targeted pests. When NPVs are applied on crops and ingested by pests, the virions will be released and replicate massively in the pest body, and then spread all over the body and consume body tissues rapidly.

Pests don’t eat and move during their “illness”, and appear sublethal effect. In the end they will die with internal organs and tissues liquefied.

Further more, the virions will keep spreading like a “plague” among and throughout several generations of the targeted pests by fluid or feces from the dead pests, thus effctively controlling field pests in a long term.

Crops: Cabbage, Chinese kale, Pepper, Asparagus, Shallot, Onion and so on…

Target pest: Spodoptera exigua

Formulation: Spodoptera exigua (SeNPV) 2×10 9 PIB /ml SC