Bio-cure is a biological product which contains a broad-spectrum antibiotic fungicide of cytosine nucleoside peptide type. It has preventive and therapeutic effects. It can inhibit the growth of fungal mycelium, induce plants to produce resistant proteins, and improve plant immunity.

Field crops
Southern rice black-streaked dwarf disease
Rice Stripe Blight
Rice bacterial leaf spot
Rice Bacterial Blight
Wheat bobbin mosaic disease
Wheat streak blight
Corn Coarse Disease
Corn Top Rot
Soybean root rot
Peanut root rot
Peanut stem rot
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Fruit trees
Apple Spot Leaf Leaf Disease
apple ringworm
Apple, pear scab
Banana Scab
Bacterial perforation of peach, apricot and plum
Gum disease of peach, apricot, plum and mango
Fruit tree virus disease

Melon Virus Disease
Melon Blight
Tomato virus disease
Chili Virus Disease
Cucumber Virus Disease
Garlic virus disease
Cruciferous Crop Virus Disease
Cruciferous Crop Soft Rot

Other crops
Tobacco virus disease
tea cake disease

Single formulations: 2% SL, 8%SL, 10%WP

Mixture with chemical pesticides:

30% (Biocure+Tebuconazole) SC

25% (Biocure+Azoxystrobin) SC

29% (Biocure+Triflumizole) WP