Allylisothiocyanate (AITC, CAS No.: 57-06-7), also known as horseradish, is a natural compound extracted from cruciferous plants, and its active ingredients are environmental friendly. It has effective control on soil nematodes, soil-borne pathogens and a variety of pests and diseases on the ground during the growth of vegetables and field crops. It has been used in many industries, including food flavoring, bactericidal and antibacterial, antiseptic and preservatives, health care and anticancer drugs, as well as soil sterilization and deworming, grain storage, warehouse deworming, antiseptic, building fumigation, and fumigant for phytosanitary treatment.

Broad-spectrum and high-efficiency control bacteria: Horseradish compound has a variety of modes of action such as contact and fumigation. Studies have shown that allyl isothiocyanate (horseone) has a good control effect on root-knot nematodes, root rot, strawberry root rot, and cotton verticillium.

Biological fumigation to control pest: It has significant smoke-killing effect on harmful organisms such as red worm, glutinous rice, corn elephant, book carp, and cockroach in grain storage and ware house, besides it also has good microbial control effect. It is potential to replace methyl bromide in fumigation.

Herbicidal activity: Horseradish significantly inhibited the seed germination of valerian, green sorghum, wild oats, wild leeks and sage.

As food preservative and food flavoring additive

Content: 20%

CropsTargetDosageApplication method
TomatoRoot knot nematode45-75kg/HaSoil spray and fumigation with film