Choosing an Adjuvant

-Read and follow the label. Is an adjuvant recommended? If so, what type? Do not make substitutions. Some product labels may recommend an adjuvant for one type of use or site but prohibit any kind of adjuvant for another labeled use or site. Suppose, for example, that a certain product is formulated with a wetting agent. If you add another wetting agent when you mix and load a foliar-applied spray, the product may not give better spreading and coverage. Instead, the extra adjuvant may increase runoff, reduce deposition, decrease efficacy and even damage the target plant.

-Use only those adjuvants manufactured for agricultural or horticultural uses. Do not use industrial products or household detergents in pesticide spray mixes.

-No adjuvant is a substitute for good application practices.

-Be skeptical of adjuvant claims such as “improves root uptake” or “keeps spray equipment clean” unless a reliable source can provide research-based evidence to support them. Only use adjuvant products that have been tested and found effective for your intended use.

-Test spray mixes with adjuvants on a small area before proceeding with full-scale use.

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