Application of 100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

RiceRice BlastThe amount of hectares 450-600 grams, when tillering field sporadic acute lesions and diseased center, the timely pesticide control leaf blast; prevention panicle blast to prevention, to various facilities in the late booting stage and heading stage drug once. Use as a foliar spray.
PotatoLate BlightThe amount of hectares 400-550 grams, which is about to be foliage spray or onset sporadic lesion in the field continuously sprayed 2-3 times at an interval of 7-10 days of medication.
CottonCyanosisSoaking seed than 1:400 drug formulation 600 g / hectares, spray the stem base and leaves in the early stages. Spraying liquid 50 ml per plant. 7 days after spraying once.

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

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