Baculoviruses, a diverse group of arthropod-specific viruses, have long been employed for the biological control of many economically significant insect pests on agricultural and forest crops all over the world.

They are primarily pathogens of caterpillars and about 90 per cent are reported to cause diseases in members belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Baculoviruses have been attractive biological control agents because of their safety to vertebrates, other non-target fauna and high pathogenicity with host death being most likely outcome of an infection.

They have an ability to persist outside the host insect by producing virions sequestered within the protein matrix and potential to trigger epizootics in insect population, thus being important factor in regulating the size of host insect population.

Baculoviruses are relatively quick acting and lethal among the various insect pathogens infecting globally significant pest species. 

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H. armigera and S. exigua NPVs

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