NPV-nuclear polyhedrosis virus

As we all know, Helicoverpa armigera nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) is a biological pesticide with good control effect, long-lasting efficacy, and no toxic and side effects to other organisms.

What is NPV?

Nuclear polyhedrosis virus is dodecahedron, tetrahedron, pentagonal, hexagonal, etc., with a diameter of 0.5-15uM. It embeds multiple virus particles and is composed of proteins, mostly in the blood, fat, chlorine tube, skin limbs, etc. of the host. It develops in the nucleus of cells, so it is called nuclear polyhedrosis virus. Nuclear polyhedrosis virus has a wide host range, mainly parasitizing Lepidopteran insects. Oral or wound infection. Viruses that enter the parasite through the mouth are digested by gastric juice, liberate baculovirus particles, enter the body cavity through the midgut epithelial cells, invade the cells, proliferate in the nucleus, and then invade healthy cells until the insect is lethal.

Insect feces and dead insects infect other insects, making viral diseases popular in pest populations, thereby controlling pest damage. Viruses can also be passed from eggs to insect progeny. Specialization is strong, a virus can parasitize one insect or its neighboring populations.

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