Usage of Metarhizium anisopliae

Treated parts of crop plant:
Focus spraying to plant parts where pests inhabit.
Rice leaf roller: Spray to upper part of plants; Rice planthopper: Spray to lower part of plants
For thrips: Spray to flowers and withered flowers
Underground pests: broadcast application of CQMa421 granular in the field when ploughing field; and furrow and hole
application before sowing , depends on the distribution of underground pests on various crops.

Recommended volume of pesticide suspension for appication.
The minimum volume of pesiticide suspension for effective spraying to key parts! Tea trees: 60-90 L/667M2 recommended.

Application period: It is good to spray at early stage of pest larvae, and its control index for pest could be 1/5 – 1/3 of that by chemical pesticides.

Application time: when pests attack plants, apply it in cloudy days or in late afternoon, avoiding strong sunshine. Repeated
spraying needed when it heavyly rains within 24 hours after previous application (But no need for repeating spray when drizzling). To kill thrips apply spraying before flowers closed (before 10 a.m.) (Adding a little black sugar in  Metarhizium anisopliae dilution could improve its efficacy to kill thrips)

Application Frequency:
Similarly frequent as chemical pesticides, when pest population grows slowly;
7 days after the 1st application, the 2nd application needed when the pest population grows fast.

Precautions: forbidden to use in silkworm mulberry garden; avoid to use granules in drought soil condition. (Drought soil means its moisture is less than 15%)

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