Broad Spectrum of Metarhizium anisopliae

Metarhizium anisopliae prevents and controls many species of Agricultural & Forest insect pests and sanitary insect pests

On cereal crops, such as rice, wheat, corn and potato, etc.
– to control rice stem borer, rice leaf roller, rice planthopper, wheat aphid, corn borer, fall armyworm, armyworm, potato underground insect pest, etc.

On Fruit trees, such as apple, citrus, pear, peach, Longan, lichee, mango, red date, pomegranate, blue berry, grape, cherry, etc.
– to control psyllid, scale insects, aphid, leaf roller, fruit borer, etc..

On Vegetables: Solanaceae, cucurbita, leafy veg, root veg, etc.
– to control thrips, white flies, aphids, Diamond back moth, cabbage moth, cabbage Spodoptera litura, underground insect pests, etc.

On Cash Crops: sorghum, cotton, peanut, sugarcane, soybean, Sichuan pepper, etc.
– to control underground pests, cotton bollworm, sugarcane borer, bean borer, aphid, etc.

On Chinese medicinal herbs: biloba, RADIX CODONOPSIS, Milkvetch Root, wolfberry, ginseng, pseudo-ginseng, bletilla striata, etc.
– to control underground insect pests, grub, aphid, thrip, beetle, etc.

Horticulture (flower), forest, grassland:
– to control aphids, thrips, underground pests, longicorn, pine caterpillars, grasshopper, etc.

Public health insect Pests:
-to control cockroach, flea, mosquito, larvae, flies, maggot, etc.

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