Applications of γ-PGA

Due to the remarkable properties of γ-PGA, it has been chosen as a suitable candidate for applications in various fields as medicine (bone regeneration, dental carries, wound dressing, drug delivery, vaccine development, bio-glue), agriculture (biofertilizer, super-absorbent), wastewater treatment (bio-flocculants, metal removal), cosmetics (anti-ageing,mouth wash, sunscreen lotion), food industries (flavouring agent, thickener, packaging material), etc.

3-in-1 biological control solution:MA-BB-TH

5×10 9 spores/ml ODsoaking seed, drenching, fertigation
targeting at nematodes and successive
12-30 L/ha.
2×10 8 spores/g GRsimilar function with the OD, but more
efficient for soil pests & diseases
prevention, growth promotion,
ameliorating soil structure, microflora and
150-300 kg/ha.
Crop/plantsVegetables, fruit trees, tea, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.


1-Methylcyclopropene is a gas under normal environmental conditions. As a pesticide active ingredient, it is used for prolonging the life of ornamental plants and cut flowers by preventing ethylene from attaching to plant tissues. It is a postharvest tool for counteracting undesirable effects of ethylene on harvested fruits and vegetables during transport and storage. Ethylene is a substance made by many plants, promotes ripening and aging of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)–Keeping fresh

1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is used as a plant regulator to inhibit ethylene production in cut flowers, potted flowers, bedding, nursery and foliage plants, and in stored fruits and vegetables. It is approved for use only in enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses, store rooms, coolers, enclosed truck trailers, controlled atmosphere food storage facilities, and shipping containers.

Precautions when using 100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP


1.Interval of the goods in the rice used is 20 days, on a quarterly basis using up rice for 3 times.

2.This product should not be mixed with alkaline substances such as pesticide use.

3.The FDA should wear protective clothing and gloves, avoid inhalation liquid. Can not eat and drink during spraying. Wash your hands after application should be promptly and wash.

4.Aquaculture areas away from the spraying is prohibited in Ponds water cleaning application equipment.

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

Application of 100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

RiceRice BlastThe amount of hectares 450-600 grams, when tillering field sporadic acute lesions and diseased center, the timely pesticide control leaf blast; prevention panicle blast to prevention, to various facilities in the late booting stage and heading stage drug once. Use as a foliar spray.
PotatoLate BlightThe amount of hectares 400-550 grams, which is about to be foliage spray or onset sporadic lesion in the field continuously sprayed 2-3 times at an interval of 7-10 days of medication.
CottonCyanosisSoaking seed than 1:400 drug formulation 600 g / hectares, spray the stem base and leaves in the early stages. Spraying liquid 50 ml per plant. 7 days after spraying once.

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP is bacterial genus Bacillus, for rice blast has a good preventive effect.

Mechanism of action:

Bacillus subtilis bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus, for rice blast has a good preventive effect. The agents can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria secrete antimicrobial substances, and to hyphae fracture, disintegration and dissolution of the cell wall of the pathogen to perforation, deformities, etc., so that pathogens lose scalability.

100Billion live spores / g Bacillus subtilis WP