Treatment of potato with γ-PGA

Using potassium sulfate (potassium oxide ≥ 40%) 35 kg + diammonium phosphate (15-25-0) 10 kg as the basic formula, with different amounts of added r-polyglutamic acid microbial inoculum as a treatment combination, in other management In the case of consistent measures, the growth of above-ground stems and vines and the composition of underground tuber yields were investigated.

A comparative analysis of the survey data shows that the treatment with the addition of r-polyglutamic acid microbial inoculants can effectively regulate the growth of above-ground stem vines and underground potato pieces, and with the increase in the amount of microbial inoculants used, the adjustment effect is more obvious and effective. Control the growth of stems and vines on the ground, promote branching, and increase the area coefficient of large leaves, thereby promoting the expansion and growth of underground potato pieces and improving economic benefits.

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