Application of AG-SAP in transplanting young trees

•Dip the roots

Mix the water-retaining agent and water in a ratio of 1:100-150 to make a gel, or add loess to make a slurry, soak the roots of the seedlings in the gel for 3-5 seconds, and plant them with the dip. For seedling transplanting, it is best to wrap the seedlings with plastic film when transporting them.

•Hole application

After mixing the water-retaining agent with most of the soil dug out of the tree hole, it is divided into two parts and applied into the tree hole. The first part is applied to the bottom of the hole. After placing the seedlings, the remaining mixed soil is backfilled, compacted and watered. It is suitable for transplanting fruit trees and saplings of green trees. Application rate: DBH 2-4cm: 20-30g/plant; DBH 4-5cm: 50-70g/plant; DBH 6-7cm: 80-100g/plant; adult tree: 100-200g/plant.

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