How Ag-SAP works?

Ag-SAP can be used as water retaining agent in agriculture and won’t cause soil salinization. It does not ‘bind’ water tightly. The potassium polyacrylate granules release just the right amount of water in response to a plant’s root suction. There is no waterlogging or other ill effects caused by ‘free’ water filling air cavities in the soil.

Ag-SAPmaximizes plant growth by reducing plant stress. It also absorbs and releases soil nutrients, water-soluble fertilizer and chemicals in the same manner as water, creating a healthy microenvironment in the plant root zone.

The result is faster germination, quicker emergence of seeds, consistent growth and higher, better-quality yields of edibles with less water and fewer inputs.

As a soil amendment, Ag-SAP can improve the soil water holding capacity.

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