Benefits of Photosynthetic bacteria

Strengthen crop photosynthesis, improve soil organic matter and fertilizer utilization rate, purify soil nitrate content caused by excessive chemical fertilizer, improve soil structure, promote crop absorption of various nutrients in soil, and promote nitrogen-fixing bacteria, rhizobia and other beneficial bacterial growth, increasing soil fertility;

Increase the chlorophyll content of plants, promote plant growth, improve crop quality, increase crop sugar content, promote fruit surface light, increase sugar and color, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, and enhance soil activity;

Detoxification, can decompose the phytotoxicity and fertilizer damage in the soil;

It is used in aquaculture as a feed additive to promote animal intestinal peristalsis, purify manure, purify the water quality of shrimp ponds and fish ponds, improve the hatching survival rate of fish and shrimp fry by more than 60%-70%, greatly improve the growth rate of fish and shrimp, and purify Green algae and water quality in lotus root pond.

Good deodorization effect on toilets, sewers, etc.

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