Applications of Beauveria Bassiana

CropsTargetsApplication way & dosage
ChivesLeek MaggotSpread 90-120g/mu (30billion WP)
CitrusRed spiderSpray 500-1500 times diluted (10billion OD)
Spray 40-80ml/mu
CornSpodoptera frugiperdaSpray 45-60g/mu (30billion WP)
40-80ml /mu (10billion OD)
CornCorn borerSpray 100-120g/mu (30billion WP)
ForestAmerican White MothSpray 1200-2000 times diluted (30billion WP)

Formulation Types:

1×10^10 spores/ml OD

3×10 ^10 spores/g WP

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