Botanical rodenticide Triptolide—0.25mg/kg Gr. The natural plant Tripterygium wilfordii extract (Triptolide) is produced by high-tech technology. It is a new and effictive biological (botanical) rodenticide that can be used in fields such as farmland, forest, grassland, housing, public health, granary, etc.

Cholecalciferol rodenticide/Vitamin (VD3) rodenticide, which has good control effect on brown rat, Rattus flavipectus, Mus musculus and other domestic rodents. The rodents began to die two days after ingesting the bait, and the peak of death occurred on the third to fifth days. Its rodenticide mechanism is different from that of anticoagulants, which means that VD3 metabolism in rats causes hypercalcemia.

Green & biological types rodenticides are especially suitable for high-end hotels, hotels, schools, farmers, urban family villas, office buildings, government agencies and transportation hubs, large equipment base stations, zoos, amusement parks and other important large places.

Rodenticide with anticoagulant toxicant. Absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract or the skin. Inhibits the enzyme vitamin K epoxide reductase, disrupts blood clotting, so as to cause poisoning and bleeding.


Different types including TC, TK, Blocks, pellets, baits, and pastes for your choice.

Focused on the 2nd generation anticoagulants Brofadicoum and Bromadiolone.