γ-PGA (Gamma-poly-glutamic acid) is a natural occurring, multifunctional, and biodegradable biopolymer. It is produced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis using glutamic acid. PGA is consists of glutamic acid monomers crosslinked between α-amino and γ-carboxyl groups, and the molecular weight of PGA is usually between 100~1000 kDa. It is water-soluble, edible and non-toxic towards human, and is environment friendly. It has broad applications in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and water treatment.


Application & dosage:
γ-PGA and its derivatives can be widely used in the food industry, cosmetics, health care, water treatment, hygienic products, medical and other fields. γ-PGA pure powder for Medicine, Food, or Cosmetic. γ-PGA broth liquid / powder for Agriculture.
Suggested usage: 0.05% ~ 1.00%, or as required


Applications fields and functions