Effect of γ-PGA on the yield and quality of potted Brassica chinensis

An effect of a fortified fertilizer by γ-PGA on the yield and quality of potted Brassica chinensis was studied by XU Zongqi etc..

The results showed that the contents of chlorophyll,above ground fresh weight,nitrate,vitamin C and ammonium nitrogen with γ-PGA treatment had remarkable differences compared with the control. Under normal fertilization,the treatment with 50 mg /kg of γ-PGA led to significant increasing of chlorophyll under ground fresh weight compared with the control.

In particular,the production of above ground fresh weight was increased by 8. 8% . The efficiency of ammonium nitrogen
and nitrogen was improved by 10. 6% . The nitrate content decreased by 44. 8% and the content of Vc increased by 18. 1%,by using 100 mg /kg of γ-PGA

When nitrogen fertilizer reduced by 15% ,the treatment of 20 mg /kg of γ-PGA improved the nitrogen use efficiency by 10. 2% - 11. 6% .

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